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Past Exhibitions

15 Years

2018.7.3 [tue]-8.10 [fri] 11:00-19:00 (Saturdays -5:00pm) Closed on Sunday and Mondays
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  • July 14 [Sat]
    15:00-16:30|Gallery Talk with exhibiting artists

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  • August 10 [Fri]
    11:00-19:00|Special display: Artist edition of the monograph Chihiro Yoshioka: mimesis
    19:00-20:30|Screening of "fireworks" by Katsunori Mizuno [Admission 500 yen, includes one drink] *Re-entry permitted


This summer, ARTCOURT Gallery will be celebrating its 15th anniversary.

We have encountered many talented, up-and-coming young artists in the past 15 years.
In this exhibition, the vibrant works made by 11 artists will be brought together. Various forms of expression will coexist, and resonate with each other, such as the mysterious quietness and narrative quality of the works by Yasuyoshi Botan, the new sensory experiences created from the surface of urushi lacquer by Genta Ishizuka, Yasuaki Onishi who visualizes the voids of materials in his sculptural installations, which is difficult to capture, and the pursuit of raw reality within the distorted time and space of painting by Seishu Niihira.
We would also like to look back, through their monographs, on the creativity of Osamu Kokufu and Jun Nishida, who both presented countless notable works to the world.

We are holding this anniversary exhibition, 15 Years, with the hopes of continuing to be a gallery with ambitious spirit, in the same way as them.


  • 15 Years: ARTCOURT Gallery 15th Anniversary Exhibition | 2018
  • [left] Tomoko Takagi [center] Chihiro Yoshioka [right] Seishu Niihira
  • Genta Ishizuka
[ Flatland: Scattered Field ] 2018|Urushi, cutter blades, needles, fishhooks, staples, plywood, and others|60 x 60 x 2.4 cm
[ Stellar Dance ] 2018|Urushi, cutter blades, needles, fishhooks, staples, plywood, and others|120 x 120 x 3.5 cm
  • Katsunori Mizuno
[ monotone ] 2003|Single-channel video (SD, silent)|22 minutes
[ monotone ] 2018|Single-channel video (4K, silent)|24 minutes
  • [left] Yasuaki Onishi [right] Satoshi Kawata
  • [left] Yasuaki Onishi [center] Katsunori Mizuno [right] Satoshi Kawata
  • Yasuyoshi Botan
[ magic hour ] 2016|Oil, pencil, gesso on canvas|91 x 91 cm
[ house with red roof ] 2018|Oil on canvas|117 x 117 cm
[ light tree ] 2016|Oil, pencil, gesso on canvas|91 x 91 cm
[ house with red door ] 2018|Oil on canvas|100 x 100 cm
[ bank of water ] 2018|Oil on canvas|117 x 117 cm

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