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Yo Akiyama | Solo Show

Yo Akiyama: In the Beginning Was Clay

2018.11.10 −11.25
@ Kyoto City University of Arts Gallery @KCUA

Hitoshi Nomura | Group Show

Awakenings: Art in Society in Asia 1960s–1990s

2018.10.10 - 12.24
@ The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

Yasuaki Onishi | Solo Show

Hidden Landscapes: Yasuaki Onishi

2018.9.18 - 10.27
@Coconino Center for the Arts, Arizona, USA

Yasuaki Onishi | Group Show

THE MOON – From Inner Worlds to Outer Space

2018.9.13 - 2019.1.20
@ Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Humlebaek, Denmark

Shiro Matsui | Take the Universe in Hand – Message in a Bottle: Ground Mission

Art Museum Garden Art Project: The Sense of Wonder of Shiro Matsui

Hold a glass bottle that is actually filled with outer space, obtained through the help of JAXA and NASA, and write down what comes to mind, and they will post it on an online archive. The written note will be placed in a bottle that you may take home.

* Reservation required

2018.7.25, 8.31, 10.28
@ Himeji City Museum of Art, Hyogo

1) Ground Mission Japan Himeji Castle: 7.25, 3:30pm - around 7:00pm
2) Himeji City Science Museum 25th Anniversary – Ground Mission Japan Himeji City Science Museum, 8.31, 9:45am - around 12:30pm
3) Ground Mission Japan Himeji City Museum of Art: 10.28, 4:30pm - around 6:00pm

Shiro Matsui | Exhibition: "Garden of the Sense of Wonder"

Art Museum Garden Art Project: The Sense of Wonder of Shiro Matsui

2018.8.26 - 12.2
@ Himeji City Museum of Art, Hyogo

Chihiro Yoshioka|First monograph published

Chihiro Yoshioka | mimesis

Published in July 2018
Artist edition 50 copies / Regular edition 450 copies

First monograph on work of painter Chihiro Yoshioka, who paints ephemeral yet striking scenes with sketch-like brushstrokes on silver ground. 
Focus on series mimesis, muqarnas, and sub rosa, with plates of major works, newly-written texts by artist, & essay by Yasuyuki Nakai (Deputy Director, The National Museum of Art, Osaka). Drawing (double-page spread), hand drawn by artist, included in each of 50 artist edition copies. You may own & enjoy this book as a unique & original monograph. Cover available in 4 colors chosen by artist. Cover color of artist edition is exclusively in Sakura with silver ink, while regular edition has Royal Blue, Pale Teal, and Vermilion.

Japanese, English | B5 Size | 72 pages
Published by ARTCOURT Gallery

Jun Nishida | Reissue Announcement

Jun Nishida Art Works ZETSU

After 12 years, the long-awaited re-issue will be presented at the 15 Years exhibition (2018.7.3 - 8.10 / Venue: ARTCOURT Gallery).
What did the word, “zetsu” (絶), mean to Nishida Jun? Zetsuen (絶縁, isolation), zettai (絶対, absolute), zettai zetsumei (絶体絶命), a desperate situation), and rei (零, zero). a ceramicist who had explored uncharted territory.

Price: 3,800 yen (+ tax)
Japanese & English | 270 x 210 mm |72 pages
ISBN:978-4-86152-066-2 C0072
Published by Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc.

Chihiro Yoshioka, Yutaka Funai | Group Show

JR-Sojiji Station Art Project

2018.3.17 - 9.29
@ JR Kyoto Line "JR-Sojiji" Station (free connecting passageway), Osaka

Yasuaki Onishi, Shiro Matsui, Satoru Hoshino | Group Show

Water and Land Niigata Art Festival

2018.7.14 - 10.8
@ Various locations in Niigata city, Main Venue: Bandaijima Multipurpose Plaza, Niigata

Yasuaki Onishi | Group Show

Primal Water: An Exhibition of Japanese Contemporary Art

2018.6.29 - 10.21
@ Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art, Las Vegas, USA

Saburo Murakami, Norio Imai, Masatoshi Masanobu | Group Show


2018.7.7 - 11.4
@ Musee Soulages, Rodez, France

Keiju Kawashima, Jaume Amigó

OAP Sculpture Path 2018-19: Organic Paradise

2018.05 - 2019.10
@ OAP Sculpture Path (OAP Public Green Space, promenade along the Okawa River)

Yasuaki Onishi | Solo Show

reverse of volume

2016.5.15 - 2018.5 (Scheduled)
@ Arte Sella, Borgo Valsugana, Italy

Kozo Nishino | Large-scale Sculpture Installation

Breeze to the River

Installed at the Tianhui Plaza, igc (International Grand City),
@ Zhujiang Xincheng (Guangzhou, China)

photo: Courtesy of igc, Sun Hung Kai Properties