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【Current Exhibition】 ACG Villa Kyoto Vol.011

Kyota Takahashi: Modality of Light
December 2022 – January 2023
Artist: Kyota Takahashi

ACG Villa Kyoto is proud to present Kyota Takahashi in our eleventh special exhibition.
Takahashi creates numerous site-specific, large-scale installations in which he projects images and light onto structures and scenery. This time, Takahashi uses the smallest spatial unit of human activity, the “home,” to weave a narrative that quietly shakes the viewer’s senses.

The viewing room of ACG Villa Kyoto, which ARTCOURT Gallery opened in 2018, is built in the Sukiya-zukuri* style (a registered tangible cultural property). It was built in 1934 and designed by Koji Fujii, who implements environmental engineering-based thinking and Japanese aesthetic sensibilities in his residential architectural designs.

Koji Fujii is an architect who connects spatial interiors and exteriors with air and light, and Kyota Takahashi is an artist who has perfect command of the light he manipulates. Sunlight filters through the trees, the sound of the wind, the quietness after nightfall… During this season, when the daylight is at its shortest, we welcome you to experience this world where light interplays with the shadows of the villa that wax and wane moment by moment.
Prior reservations are required for all visits (at least two days before).

<Prieview> *press and by invitation only.
December 3 (sat)

<Public hours>
December, 2022
8 (thu) / 9 (fri) / 10 (sat) / 15 (thu) / 16 (fri) / 17 (sat) / 22 (thu) / 23 (fri) / 24 (sat)
January, 2023
12 (thu) / 13 (fri) / 14 (sat) / 19 (thu) / 20 (fri) / 21 (sat) / 26 (thu) / 27 (fri) / 28 (sat)

Hours 14:00- / 15:00- / 16:00- / 17:00- / 18:00- (closing at 19:00, last admission 18:30)
Admission JPY 2,200 (incl. 10% tax)
Max.15 people per one time slot

All visitors will need to book a time slot to enter the venue.
Please book your ticket at least two days before from the link below;

【Current Exhibition】 ACG Villa Kyoto Vol.011

髙橋匡太 -光様-
2022年12月- 2023年1月

ACG Villa Kyotoでは髙橋匡太を迎え、11回目となる企画展示を開催します。
ARTCOURT Galleryが2018年にオープンしたビューイングルーム・ACG Villa Kyotoは、住宅建築において環境工学に基づく考えと日本の美意識を実践した藤井厚二が設計し、1934年に建築された数寄屋造(登録有形文化財)です。通常の観覧は完全紹介予約制としていますが、本展示期間中は広く一般公開いたします。(事前予約・事前チケット購入が必要)

2022年12月3日 (土)  *プレス・招待者のみ

2022年 12月
8日(木), 9日(金), 10日(土),15日(木), 16日(金), 17日(土), 22日(木), 23日(金), 24日(土)

2023年 1月
12日(木), 13日(金), 14日(土), 19日(木), 20日(金), 21日(土), 26日(木), 27日(金), 28日(土)

14:00- /15:00- /16:00- /17:00- /18:00- (19:00閉場、入場は18:30まで)
定員 各時間枠につき15名まで
入場料 税込 2,200円




  • ="©

    © Kyota Takahashi, 2022

Archive: New video is now available.

ACG Villa Kyoto Vol. 010
Heechang Yoon: Boundless Verdure
Oct. – Nov. 2022

ACG Villa Kyoto Vol. 010
尹 煕倉 ~蒼々茫々~
2022年 10月 – 11月


Admire deeply.
Think deeply.

Arranging art in a living space harmonized with nature.
And spending time with them.



and Garden

Design: Koji Fujii
Construction: Denbei Kitamura
Landscape Gardening: Jihei Ogawa


“The architecture of a country is best represented by their residential architecture.”
The architect Koji Fujii was a Japanese pioneer for residential architecture that is based on environmental engineering.
The broad veranda with deep eaves also functions as a sunroom. Features like the special system for ventilation that uses the airflow underneath the floors and through the attic, the tearoom called the kanshitsu in the deepest portion of the building, and the condition of the garden will surely catch your eye.
Built around 1934. Located in Kitashirakawa Ogura-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto.



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