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Organizing exhibitions

ARTCOURT Gallery was founded in 2003 as a commercial gallery handling contemporary art. We organize dynamic, convention-breaking projects that take advantage of our 230 square meter exhibition space. A great variety of exhibitions are planned at the gallery, from polished solo shows by established artists, to stimulating project exhibitions that introduce up-and-coming young artists currently receiving acclaim. Our aim is to present outstanding contemporary art works that have both sharp conceptuality and original formal beauty.

Exhibition view at

Exhibition view at "Parabolic Garden" by Osamu Kokufu in 2010.

Introducing young artists - Art Court Frontier

Art Court Frontier is an annual project juxtaposing emerging artists from the Kansai area. This exhibition brings together under one roof the works of ten to twelve truly promising, dynamic artists, all from or currently residing in Kansai. The artists are selected by obtaining one recommendation each from persons currently active at the forefront of the art world such as artist, curator, art critic, journalist and art appreciator. We aim to convey fascinating indications of the pulse of Kansai today through this project, which continues to excel in its role as a testing ground for emerging artists.

Exhibition view at “Art Court Frontier” in 2012.

Exhibition view at "Art Court Frontier" in 2012.

Sales and Coordination

We provide with inspiring artworks from sophisticated pieces by internationally active artists to fresh and vibrant expressions by emerging artists according to the needs of our clients. With our deep dedication to introducing an abundance of art to the public, we assist with the installing of works in public spaces, develop relationships of mutual trust with museums, and make introductions to architects and building developers in order to coordinate installations of artworks for new construction projects both in Japan and overseas.


Painting, Drawing, Prints, Photograph, Sculpture, Ceramics and other media.

Comissioning Projects

We propose various plans according to your budget by arranging production, delivery and installation of works.

Our clients

The National Museum of Art, Osaka/ 21 Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa/ Takamatsu City Museum of Art/ The National Museum of Art, Kyoto/ Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art/ Osaka City Museum of Modern Art/ The Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai/ Tottori Prefectural Museum/ Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo/Hagi Uragamil Museum/ Osaka University of Art/ Kyoto Seika University/ Silverstein Properties, Inc./ Arabtec Construction, L. L. C./ Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd./Mitsubishi Materials Corporation/ Canon, Inc./ Turner Colour Works Ltd./ Takenaka Corporation/ Yasui Architects & Engineers, Inc./ Obayashi Corporation/ Toyota Mortor Corporation/ Hotel Granvia Osaka

Entrance lobby at Shiga Prefectural Government Otsu Biwako Joint Office, 2011

Entrance lobby at Shiga Prefectural Government Otsu Biwako Joint Office, 2011


ARTCOURT Gallery is located in the ground floor of OAP Art Court which is in the south of OAP Tower (Osaka Amenity Park Tower) in Kita-ku, Osaka. In the heart of Osaka city, the gallery faces Okawa River surrounded by rich greenery and cherry blossom trees.


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