Chihiro Yoshioka at ART OSAKA 2018

2018.7.6 [fri] - 7.8 [sun] ※Venue hours will differ depending on the day. Please see details below.

We will be presenting a solo exhibition of painter Chihiro Yoshioka, who paints ephemeral yet striking scenes with sketch-like brushstrokes on silver ground. 

Along with new works, we will focus on mimesis, a series that replicates paintings created through classical techniques, bringing to the fore the hidden accumulation of spirituality and materiality therein by crystallizing them on the painting’s surface. The exhibition will also feature muqarnas, which came out of her experiences of gazing up at the ceiling decorations of palaces, with its depictions of trees and skies viewed from below blended with dizzying bodily sensations, along with the drawings to be included in the artist edition of Yoshioka's first monograph, Chihiro Yoshioka: mimesis (limited edition of 50).

We hope you will enjoy Yoshioka’s work, which brings together questions relating to painting and intangible, infinite time-space within the “not-getting-across” that is an aspect of the act of “seeing” and therefore also the act of “painting”

▪︎Monograph Chihiro Yoshioka | mimesis

Published in July 2018
*Pre-sale and accepting pre-orders at ART OSAKA 2018
Artist edition 50 copies / Regular edition 450 copies

◇ Artist edition
20,000 yen + tax
Limited edition of 50
Unique drawing by the artist (double-page spread), hand-drawn
Artist signature & serial number included
Cover color: Sakura + silver ink

◇ Regular edition
3,000 yen + tax
Limited edition of 450
Includes edition number
Cover color: Royal Blue, Pale Teal, Vermilion

Size B5 | 72 pages | Japanese and English
Edited by Chihiro Yoshioka, ARTCOURT Gallery
Essays by Yasuyuki Nakai (Deputy Director, The National Museum of Art, Osaka), Chihiro Yoshioka
Designed by Chisa Yagi Deuel
Published by ARTCOURT Gallery
ISBN:978-4-9905852-4-2 (artist edition) | 978-4-9905852-5-9 (regular edition)

▪︎For more details on the monograph / artist edition reservation, please click on the link at the bottom of this page, or visit the "Publications" page.

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  • 7.6 [fri] 14:00-20:00
    Preview (Press & Invitation Only)
  • 7.7 [sat] 11:00-20:00 Tickets: ¥1,500/1 day pass
    Open to Public
  • 7.8 [sun] 11:00-19:00 Tickets: ¥1,500/1 day pass
    Open to Public

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Chihiro Yoshioka

▪︎ Click for more details on the monograph, Chihiro Yoshioka | mimesis >>