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Past Exhibitions

OAP Sculpture Path 2018-2019: Jaume Amigó and Keiju Kawashima “Organic Paradise”

2018.05.23 - 2019.10 OAP Sculpture Path (OAP Public Green Space, Promenade along the Okawa River)


An open-air exhibition will take place along the OAP Sculpture Path in Osaka’s Kita Ward featuring the works of two artists who are active on the international scene: Jaume Amigó and Keiju Kawashima.

Jaume Amigó, who is based in Barcelona and has traveled extensively around Europe and Asia, has spent more than 20 years working as a visiting artist and holding exhibitions. The allure of his extensive range of works—which include painting, sculpture, ceramics and print—lies in their expansiveness, which evokes the sensations of both nature and timelessness. This exhibition features a colorful work from Amigó titled The Frozen Fountain. Fashioned from ceramic crafted in Japan and stainless steel, it was inspired by a frozen fountain seen at the foot of the Pyrenees mountains amidst a scenic winter landscape awaiting the break of spring.

Keiju Kawashima, an artist based in Osaka who produces abstract sculptures by combining together disparate materials, such as wood with stone and iron with glass, has been receiving critical acclaim since the 1980s. Since 2000, Kawashima has been utilizing artificial polyethylene materials and expanding his repertoire to incorporate organic forms as he creates sculptures of loveable creatures and characters. This exhibition features Kawashima’s CLASSICS metal series of glass and stainless steel works that call to mind primordial vegetation, and the Funny Buddies Aluminum series that showcases fictitious figures crafted from aluminum.

Both Amigó and Kawashima keenly observe nature—and also occasionally simulate it—as they freely and innovatively draw inspiration from their materials in order to lovingly craft their own unique world of artworks. We invite you to
enter their “Organic Paradise”, where your encounter with unknown living beings is sure to make your imagination soar.

・About the OAP Sculpture Path
The OAP Sculpture Path is located along the waterfront promenade facing the Okawa River, known as the setting for the Tenjin Festival. Every year and a half, the open-air exhibition showcases 8 new large-scale sculptures around a theme befitting the aqua metropolis of Osaka. Since 2005, we have been presenting the sculptures of lively artists working both in Japan and abroad with approachability as our motto.


Jaume Amigó, Keiju Kawashima

  • Jaume Amigó, planning sketch
  • Keiju Kawashima,

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