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Past Exhibitions

ACG eyes: Moving images and Drawings – narrative -

2008.11.18 [tue] – 12.26 [fri] 11:00-19:00 (on Saturdays and July 8th: 11:00-17:00) Closed on Sundays, Mondays and National holidays (July 8th, Open)


ARTCOURT Gallery starts a series of small exhibitions beside main exhibitions.
As the first exhibition of the series, "Moving images and Drawings - narrative -" introduces the works by young artists, Mayuko Kanazawa, Yukiko Nishiyama, Yasuyoshi Botan and Poh Wang, who create a delicate world filled with elements from which narratives originate.
When a viewer see a piece of work, the perceivable elements that compose the piece, such as images, colors, forms and sounds etc, create a kind of "stream" between the piece and the viewer, being linked to his/her inner and private elements, for example memories of dreams and unnameable images sink deeply in his/her heart.
It could be called "a narrative" which is woven from an intimate interaction between a viewer and a piece of work flowing out from chinks of a theoretical concept behind it.
Moving images and drawings include a lot of factors of "stream", so what narratives will be originated between you and their works when you leave yourself into their streams?


Mayuko Kanazawa, Yukiko Nishiyama, Yasuyoshi Botan, Hiroshi Mizuta, Poh Wang

  • 「映像とドローイング - narrative -」 金澤麻由子
  • 「映像とドローイング - narrative -」 展示風景
  • 「映像とドローイング - narrative -」 Poh Wang
  • 「映像とドローイング - narrative -」 Poh Wang
  • 「映像とドローイング - narrative -」 牡丹靖佳
  • 金澤麻由子 [ 『実存比喩 -永遠の日曜日-』原画 ] 2008
  • 「ACG eyes : 映像とドローイング - narrative -」水田寛
  • 水田寛 [ drawing ] 2008
  • 「ACG eyes : 映像とドローイング - narrative -」西山裕希子

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