OAP Sculpture Path 2024-25: Lines – Running Through Abstract Sculpture

2024. 5 - 2025. 10 OAP Sculpture Path (OAP Public Green Space, Promenade along the Okawa River, Osaka)

In figurative sculpture, the human body often serves as the model, the framework determining the form. In comparison, what criteria determine the form of abstract sculpture? Some are modeled on geometric shapes, while others have no framework at all, their form extending outwards to the periphery. Herein lies the principal element that runs through abstract sculpture, the line; these sculptures have been shaped through the movement of lines.

In figurative sculpture, the boundary between inside and outside is demarcated by contour lines, whereas in abstract sculpture, the dynamic trajectory of the line determines the form. While the former seeks to express a sense of life through the depiction of the human figure, the line of latter realizes this differently.

As evident from the titles of the works in this exhibition, the lines that develop from these abstract sculptures ultimately link to various elements in the surrounding outdoor environment. While in the figurative, contours serve as boundaries, creating a contrasting relationship between sculpture and external elements, in the abstract, there is a seamless integration between sculpture and surroundings.


About the OAP Sculpture Path

The OAP Sculpture Path is located along the waterfront promenade facing the Okawa River that flows through the center of Osaka and is known as the setting for the Tenjin Festival. Every year and a half, the open-air exhibition showcases 8 new sculptures around a theme, and present sculptures of exciting artists working both in Japan and abroad with approachability as our motto.


Haruyuki Uchida, Atsuo Okamoto,  Chu Sato, Yusuke Toda

Guest curator | Tadasu Fujii (Tokyo Zokei University)