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Past Exhibitions

Art Court Frontier 2007 #5

2007.6.29 [fri] – 7.14 [sat] 11:00-19:00(Saturdays 11:00-17:00) Closed on Sundays, Mondays
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  • Talk

    6.30 [sat], 7.7 [sat] 14:00-16:00 This event was finished.

  • Organized by Art Court Frontier Project Committee, ARTCOURT Gallery   


ACG has had huge successes with its signature exhibition Art Court Frontier for the past four years, so it has returned again. This year, again, we asked 12 people in the field of fine arts including 3 artits, 3 curators, 3 collectors, 3 journalists, and 3 gallerists, to pick 12 young, promising artists.


Mari Ota, Tamaki Kawaguchi, Kenji Nishi, Nanako Kawaguchi, Taizo Mori, Saori Miyake, Takashi Inaba, Yohei Sasakura, Tatsuo Yasuda, Chie Tsuda, Yoshiyuki Mori, Paramodel

  • ACF2007#5  Mari Ota
  • ACF2007#5  Kenji Nishi
  • ACF2007#5  Taizo Mori
  • ACF2007#5  Yohei Sasakura
  • ACF2007#5  Tatsuo Yasuda

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