Aeneas Wilder: Empirical Association

2005.10.7 [fri] – 10.22 [sat]

Aeneas Wilder (1967- ) graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1994 with M.F.A. in Sculpture. He has been producing works in Italy, Norway, Canada, and Holland. In Japan, starting in Iwate in 1998, he has been making sculpture on site in Kyoto, Tokyo, Aomori, and Nagoya. Wilder's work involves tons of small wooden blocks and he piles them up without using any means of adhesive or nails. His well-balanced work creates silence and an intense atomosphere in the exhibition area. The end of his creation occurs when the artist breaks this silence by kicking his sculpture. Once he kicks one end of his sculpture, the whole loses its balance and the entire construction would come down. This indicates that everything that has a shape will eventually go back to nil.


Aeneas Wilder