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Past Exhibitions

Ryuji Tanaka

2016.07.09 [sat] - 07.23 [sat]11:00-19:00 (Saturdays 11:00 -17:00) ※Closed on Sundays and Mondays.
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  • Opening reception
    Guest : Koichi Kawasaki (Professor of KONAN Womens University, Hyogo)

    07.09 [sat] 14:00〜16:00

  • *RSVP required for the opening reception. Please email to info@artcourtgallery.com or call 06-6354-5444. The reception is free of charge.


ARTCOURT Gallery is pleased to present the works of Ryuji Tanaka.

Ryuji Tanaka was a noteworthy artist who was involved in two avant-garde groups that were indispensable to post-war Japanese art. One of the groups was the Pan-real Art Association, and the other was the Gutai Art Association.

Tanaka created a lots of paintings by using not only traditional nihon-ga material like mineral pigment or Japanese Sumi-ink, and also sand or wood glue to express his concept of a distictive Japanese view of nature.

We welcome you to participate this exciting experience of opposing views between Japan and the West in nihon-ga paintings.


Ryuji Tanaka
  • Sei 12, 1963|182.7 x 259.2 cm | Mineral pigment, canvas, other materials
  • [Sei] 1963|130.3 x 162 cm | Mineral pigment, canvas, other materials

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