Genta Ishizuka: Drifting Boundaries

2011.10.1 [sat] – 10.29 [sat] 11:00-19:00(Saturdays 11:00-17:00) Closed on Sundays, Mondays

Genta Ishizuka (1982-), who is an emerging artist working through his own methodology while on the basis of traditional urushi (Japanese lacquer) techniques, explores the inseparable and fundamental relationship between the existences of the things and our experience of their perception.
 The viewers will discover the lacquered surface filled with the material strength where layer upon layer of very careful handiwork processes are condensed and at the same time, the immaterial phenomena of emerging gloss and contrasted darkness there. The conspicuity of these both elements contendingly stand out on their perception because the forms, two-dimensionalities and three-dimensionalities, of lacquered surfaces and lacquered images are dexterously converted, fluctuated and crossed.
 Then the viewers’ senses are gradually led to the perceptual question about the objects as drifting the multi-layered boundaries of existence / in-existence, 2D / 3D and ‘here’ / ‘there’, that overlap and separate, and sometimes replace for each other.This time, we will present several series of new and evolved works by the artist, that include ‘Doubled depth’ where three-dimensional images are placed on reflections on a flat or curved surface.

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    Atsuo Yamamoto(curator, Arts & Culture Division Hyogo Prefecture) x Genta Ishizuka


Genta Ishizuka