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The Work of Murakami Saburo [ Murakami Saburo: Through the '70s ]

Published in conjunction with an exhibition at ARTCOURT Gallery in Osaka, this broad survey explores the expression and diverse changes through the career of this central member of the Gutai Art Association. While his Paper-Breaking events were internationally renowned as pioneering examples of performance art, his individuality was embodied in his boldest and most unique methodologies during the 1970s. The book therefore offers a particularly in-depth re-examination of his solo exhibitions and independent work in that period. Numerous paintings, photos, and film stills accompany critical essays, an interview by Kozu Yoshinori, and texts by Saburo himself.

Murakami Saburo: Through the '70s

Murakami Saburo
First edition: January 31, 2013
Planned and edited by ARTCOURT Gallery
With editorial cooperation from Murakami Makiko and Murakami Tomohiko
Essays by Ikegami Tsukasa and Reiko Tomii
Designed by Toyonaga Seiji
English translation by Christopher Stephens and Reiko Tomii (Reprinted translations by Simon Scanes and Shiraha Keiko)

¥2,800 (+tax)
Language: Japanese and English
Hardcover | B5 | 160 pages
ISBN 978-4-86152-384-7 C0070
Published by ARTCOURT Gallery / Yagi Art Management, Inc.
Distributed by Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc.

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  • Murakami Saburo: Through the '70s
  • Murakami Saburo: Through the '70s