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Masanori Nishimura [O2 The Sun Flowers] @ Kitakagaya Creative Farm, Farm 1

In March 2018, Masanori Nishimura’s O2 The Sun Flowers was installed at the garden called the “The Kitakagaya Creative Farm” (Osaka), a project that turned a plot of vacant land in the industrial district of Kitakagaya into a community garden, to connect people and revitalize the city through various activities surrounding farming, food, and art.

Outline of [O2 The Sun Flowers]

Artist: Masanori Nishimura
Title: O2 The Sun Flowers
Production period: 2017-2018
Materials: Oxygen cylinders, iron, solar light
Location: Kitakagaya Creative Farm, Farm 1 (*Also partially installed at Farm 2)
Cooperation: ARTCOURT Gallery

O2 The Sun Flowers, a work created with only oxygen cylinders, is linked with the natural world, as the industrial tanks that stock oxygen, which plants can create, are born again in the form of a plant. For this installation, the artist attached planters to help cultivate flora, and solar lights that softly glow in the farm at night.

The massive steel is transformed into lovely flowers in full bloom, and the sunflowers of this artwork brighten and enliven the people and the city. O2 The Sun Flowers has been added to The Kitakagaya Creative Farm as their new symbol.

The Kitakagaya Creative Farm

■ Masanori Nishimura

Born in 1967 in Aichi. Graduated from the Crafts Department of the Osaka University of Arts. Nishimura often deals with experiential works that take inspiration from their environment, making works such as outdoor installations and metal sculptures, works that let the viewer experience the moire effect using layers of mesh sheet, or works that use tent sheeting with countless holes piercing through them to both permeate and reflect light.

Recent Selected Exhibitions:
Rokko Meets Art (Rokkosan, 2018/2015), The 150th Anniversary of the Port City Kobe Art Festival (Port Island North Park/Kobe Airport, 2017), Solo Exhibition MEGAMEGA KIRAKIRA - NICHIJYOGUMI (Sanda City General Culture Center, 2017), Noboru Tanaka and Masanori Nishimura, Resonance of the Landscape (OAP Sculpture Path, Osaka, 2016-18), and more.

Official Artist Site:

  •  [O2 The Sun Flowers] 2017-2018 @Kitakagaya Creative Farm
  •  [O2 The Sun Flowers] 2017-2018 @Kitakagaya Creative Farm