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“Chromatist Car” Project
Hitoshi Nomura x ART1

The spectrum of light reveals the information of an object,
And the spectrum emitted by people becomes a chromatic language.
In the sea, fellow octopuses and fellow squid communicate through color,
But people should try it, too!
The Chromatist Car drives off, heading toward the world of the spectrum.

The "Chromatist Car" is a series of photographic works by Hitoshi Nomura based on his chromatic language. Beginning with transforming the question, “Can the relationship between words and color possibly lead to a way of communication that differs from previous approaches?” into an artwork with "Chromatist Painting", and by using mediums such as drawings on marble and video, Hitoshi Nomura continues to work on the ongoing production and practice of this series.
Furthermore, "Chromatist Car" was first presented in the May 2016 exhibition, “ART1: Stepping into Fresh Snow”, when it started as a project that would continue to develop with the involvement of various people, cars, and places.

The "Chromatist Car" project is created by working with a "Chromatist Magnet", a magnet sheet onto which four messages in the chromatic language are printed, and attaching each one to the body of a car, then capturing it in an everyday scene on camera.
As we go through the artist’s process together, won’t you try imagining the possibilities of communication using the color spectrum as well?

With the "Chromatist Car" project, the photographs that everyone has taken will be published on the website along with their names to archive their participation in Hitoshi Nomura’s artwork.

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