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Past Exhibitions

Hitoshi Nomura / Katsunori Mizuno / Seishu NIihira 【Booth 2718】

Venue: Park Hotel Tokyo 26th, 27th Floor (2 Floors)
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    2017. 3. 8, 4:00pm-10:00pm * Invitee and Press only

  • Open to the Public

    2017. 3. 9, 11:00pm-8:00pm

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    2017. 3. 10, 11:00pm-8:00pm

  • Open to the Public

    2017. 3. 11, 11:00pm-5:00pm


ARTCOURT Gallery will be presenting the three artists, Hitoshi Nomura, Katsunori Mizuno, and Seishu Niihira, with “the passage of time” as the key concept, at ART in Park Hotel Tokyo 2018. We would like to showcase the media sensibilities that each artist captures from daily life and society, as well as their unique expressive processes.
◆ Hitoshi Nomura
Capturing the forms woven by natural phenomena and the laws of physics with his camera, Nomura visualizes the passage of time and the order of the cosmos through sculptural expression that uses photography. In the 1970s, Nomura began taking photographs of the moon and stars or birds in migration, over a stave on
the film for a series of musical scores that work with both transcription and performance. The series is one of his most representative works, and can be appreciated by expanding the imagination both visually and aurally. We will be showing works such as 'moon' score: ISS Commander (a musical score with the moon photographed from the International Space Station, from collaborative research with JAXA), for which the musical CD was released last year, and his most recent work (photographic work) that handles black holes as the theme.
◆ Katsunori Mizuno:
Shooting scenes that catch the eye from both familiar places and in the vastness of nature with a fixed camera, Mizuno creates the "motion of a place" through the world of video. He derives themes and the form of the artwork by utilizing both the characteristics of imagery such as the shots of trees mirrored in rippling water and the passing clouds and sky, as well as the characteristics of the video itself (material, flexibility, time) to deal with numerous installation works as well. Last year, he began observing the conditions of the sky like a part of his daily routine, continuing to shoot footage for his newest work, sky record, structured as a daily cycle over a week, which we will exhibit along with his photographic works.
◆ Seishu Niihira:
Focusing on the distortion and division of space which defines the phenomena of noise, and with multiple time axes and optical theories (reflection, transmission, refraction, diffraction) as themes, Niihira is developing his own world of painting through an experimental approach to the sense of sight. Using a form of expression that is a straightforward fusion of the pluralistic sense of reality in the post-internet age, combined with the individual desire to see, he is trying to incite the viewer's own pleasure in seeing, and make this image shareable. Preceding their presentation at his solo exhibition in late March, we will be showing three works from his new series, inversion, in which, like the original frames of a stop motion movie, he sequences and accumulates motif imagery onto one plane.


  • [top left] Hitoshi Nomura《‘moon’ score: ISS Commander - Listening to it on Mars, now PHENOMENON MUSIC》Courtesy of JAXA / [bottom left] Hitoshi Nomura《Black Hole in the Grass ‘Ohbaco’》/ [center] Katsunori Mizuno 《skyline (*sample image)》/ [top right] Seishu Niihira 《00;33;42;26 - 00;33;43;05 / 00;48;03;16 - 00;48;03;25 (*sample image)》/ [bottom right] 《Inversion Study #2》(detail)
  • Hitoshi Nomura《‘moon’ score: ISS Commander - Listening to it on Mars, now》 2009-13|Photograph 80 pieces, score, music CD
Courtesy of JAXA|Photo: Seiji Toyonaga
  • Katsunori Mizuno《reflection》 2012|Video installation
Installation view at “KAGEUTSUSHI -Reflection, Transition, Infection”, Kyoto City University of Arts Gallery
Photo: Seiji Toyonaga
  • Seishu Niihira《Diffraction #1》 
2017|Oil on aluminum panel|160x160 cm

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