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Past Exhibitions

Taiyo Kimura / Tomoko Takagi / Chisato Yamano 【Booth 2708】

Venue: Park Hotel Tokyo 26th, 27th Floor (2 Floor)
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  • Preview

    2017. 2.10, 12:00pm-7:00pm * Invitee and Press only

  • Open to the Public

    2017. 2.10 and 11, 11:00am-7:00pm, each days


ARTCOURT Gallery is thrilled at the prospect of presenting the works by Taiyo Kimura, Tomoko Takagi, and Chisato Yamano at ART in Park Hotel Tokyo 2017. These up-and-coming artists capture the true nature and essentiality of the world around us by expressing with the basis of each one’s own experience and imagination.

Taiyo Kimura: We will present his video work 55 Bethune Street, NYC, which was produced while his one-year-long-stay in New York in 2013, and his latest series of drawings and Feel Your Gravity which shares an analogous interpretation of the world that he represents in aforementioned video work. The exhibition will showcase his latest activities which includes the attempt and approach followed; a body as a container for existence, memory and conscious accumulated into the body, time and space that surrounds the body, and death = disappearance of the body - taking these as his motifs and ontological approach to examine the relationship in those motifs.

Tomoko Takagi: The latest works (2017) as well as her representative series Beppu (2015-) will be featured. Her motifs are often something found in a window display or someone's garden, in which objects are chosen and arranged by someone else's taste. The brushstrokes in her paintings are bold and vivid. She has explored ‘ma’ [in English, ma means empty space, blank, gap or interval] between the motifs (meaning, content and space) and images (color and material). Last year her works were presented overseas: New York, Basel and Taiwan as one of the young rising Japanese painters, and we expect her works will be spotlighted in years to come.

Chisato Yamano: The exhibition will showcase her latest work series “Walkways / Wildways” (some re-formation will be added to the series) including Look! Tangerine Tribe and Sweet Hide-and-Seek–. A tiny world that can fit in the palm of your hand, she incorporates scenes from our daily lives, and human and animal poses and images from memories of dreams and the like, to fashion imaginary worlds that mix the “ordinary” and the “non-ordinary”. We hope you will join us in enjoying this marvelously fanciful world that is filled with luxuriance and joy of life and enriches your mind.


  • Taiyo Kimura “55 Bethune Street, NYC”
2016|Video|6 min. | Ed.8
  • Taiyo Kimura “Shiva’s Frequency”
2014|Pencil, notebook|Dimentinos variable
  • Taiyo Kimura “Feel Your Gravity”
2005-2006|Magazine|29.7 x 46.5 cm
  • Tomoko Takagi “Beppu 33”
2016|Oil on canvas|162.5×130.5 cm
  • Tomoko Takagi “Swallow”
2017|Oil on canvas|56.3 × 56.3  cm
  • Tomoko Takagi “Beckoning Tanuki”
2017|Oil on canvas|46 × 34  cm
  • Chisato Yamano “Look!  Tangerine Tribe”
2016|Ceramic (Semi-porcelain)|8×17×17 cm
  • Chisato Yamano “Sweet Hide-and-Seek – ‘Sakura Dumpling Pig’ ”
2016|Ceramic (Semi-porcelain)|3.5×7.5×7.5 cm
  • Chisato Yamano “Mask mandrill”
2012|Ceramic|26×10×17 cm

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