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Past Exhibitions

Seishu Niihira / Tsuyoshi Higashijima
【Booth 2733】

2016. 3. 12 [sat] , 13[sun]
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  • Preview:

    2016. 3. 11 [fri] 12:00pm-7:00pm *Invitee and Press only

  • Vip Hour:

    2016. 3. 12 [sun] , 13[sun] 10:30am- 12:00pm *Invitee only

  • Open to the Public

    2016. 3. 12 [sun] , 13[sun] 12:00pm- 7:00pm *Admission closes 1 hour prior to the fair closing.

  • Venue:

    Park Hotel Tokyo 26th, 27th Floor *access http://www.aipht.artosaka.jp/en/access


ARTCOURT Gallery will be showing paintings form Seishu Niihira and Tsuyoshi Higashijima at ART in Park Hotel Tokyo 2016. Seishu Niihira’s w ork, with its vivid fluorescent lines running through photo-realistic paintings of virtual images like noise, arouses the desire to view in us, and Tsuyoshi Higashijima’s paintings absorb and reflect natural light like water’s surface, and the oriental ethos that float about the dark to light color gradations toy with the viewers consciousness. We would like to present these different worlds of expression and perceptions of light seen in both “Niihira Monochrome” and “Higashijima Blue.”

Seishu Niihira
Niihira is a young painter focused on the development of a surreal, realistic world of painting; he depicts people with multiple time axes and optical theories, focusing on the phenomenon of noise that distorts space and divides the picture. Niihira Monochrome is a large step in epitomizing his debut series “windows upset,” which was shown in 2015 at a solo exhibition at ARTCOURT Gallery. Making use of reflection, permeation and the photorefractive phenomenon of light, “Reflection” combines a conflicting bipolar image with an imperfect double exposure. “Refraction” takes in standards of value from modern society coexisting with our all-digitizing technology, and reduces and shares the act of individually seeing into inciting the desire to perceive. Included is also a continuous artwork referencing a video from the Internet depicting the musical performance of master jazz pianist Bill Evans. Using these as a foundation, Niihira has begun to amass his own world of painting with an experimental approach to the sensation of sight. In the pluralistic realities in this post-internet age, his power of expression invites viewers into unknown, trippy areas. Curators, collectors and many arts-related people look forward to his future developments.

Tsuyoshi Higashijima
Painter Higashijima draws inspiration from Japanese abstract painting, pursuing both life and the potential in painting in his consistently themed “ambiguous virtue,” where he uses his own body as a barometer in the repetitive introspection of instinctive perception and expressive perception. Beginning with the rise of New Painting producing full-fledged works in NY, he established new ground in Japan as a painter around 1995 by creating works with a form of painting where lines and rectangles produced with profound strokes were suspended in images completely covered in dark blue and silver. Returning from NY in 1997 and holding a solo exhibition at Dai-ichi Life Gallery (Tokyo), his “S” series with its huge sliver images akin to reflective plates makes us realize anew that light enables us to see, and the “FF” and “FMF” series with its simple ink applied to a foundation of vivid blue spray paint and bewitching dark blue spaces combine into “Higashijima Blue”—its overwhelming existence may bring about reform in Japanese tableau. Higashijima has painted ceaselessly since his stay in Berlin (2002-03) where he produced “Erbauer,” and the more recent “Untitled” to reach “Higashijima Blue,” a collection of highly praised works from the path of his activities as an artist transcending the established ideas of art.


  • Seishu Niihira “00;33;42;20”
2015|Oil, alkyd resin, gesso on board|58×45 cm  *reference work
  • Seishu Niihira “Reflection #1”
2015|Oil and arkyd resin on canvas|162×162 cm  *reference work
  • Seishu Niihira “Reflection #14”
2016|Oil and arkyd resin on canvas|70×70 cm
  • Tsuyoshi Higashijima “Untitlec”
2013|House paint and spray paint on canvas|366×427 cm, each
  • Tsuyoshi Higashijima “FF-014”
1999|House paint and spray paint on canvas|366×427 cm  *reference work
  • Tsuyoshi Higashijima “Double Fingers”
2014|Oil and acrylic on canvas|118×72.5 cm

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