Yo Akiyama Echoes – In the Beginning Was Clay

Interior and exterior, creation and collapse, division and succession, centripetal and centrifugal. While conscious of these relationships, contemporary ceramic artist Yo Akiyama unifies clay with his own creative intent in order to create something that then transcends the clay itself.
In the autumn of 2018, Akiyama completed a monumental work titled Echoes, a piece that looks over and tries to synthesize the various matters and techniques that he has studied since early in his career, and could be regarded as a culmination of his career as an artist.
This documentary follows the 3-year production of Echoes starting in 2016 and contains footage of the production process and an interview. The concept book features photos of the completed work and a new text written by the artist. This production record conveys Akiyama’s thoughts and outlook on formative arts in a straightforward manner like never before.

▪ Documentary film
  Japanese (with English/Arabic subtitles) | 45’38”
  DVD [For viewing (NTSC), or viewing on PC (HD/MP4)]
  Bonus: Streaming and download available with URL code (HD)
  [Contents] Production documentary film, artist interview

▪ Concept book
  Japanese, English | Color | 16 pages | Paperback
  [Contents] Photographs of production record and completed work, text by the artist, and more

Yo Akiyama Echoes – In the Beginning Was Clay

DVD, concept book | 26.5×19cm | First edition: May 31, 2019, limited edition of 500
Price: 3,000 yen + tax

Yo Akiyama
Film directed by Yasushi Kishimoto (Ufer! Art Documentary)
Designed by Chisa Yagi Deuel
Photos by Kazuo Fukunaga, Takeru Koroda
With cooperation from Qatar Museums, Industrial Research Center of Shiga Prefecture Shigaraki Ceramic Research Institute, Kyoto City University of Arts Art Gallery @KCUA
Produced and edited by ARTCOURT Gallery (Yagi Art Management, Inc.)
Printed and bound by Asahi Seihan Printing Co., Ltd.
ISBN: 978-4-990582-6-6

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