Jun Nishida Art Works

*Re-issue Announcement

Jun Nishida Art Works

*Re-issue Announcement

Zetsu, the final series that the revolutionary of ceramics left behind. After 12 years, the long-awaited re-issue will be presented at this exhibition.
Additional information on works acquired by art museum collections, as well as an exhibition view of a work in the collection gallery at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, will be printed in the second edition.

This book will be presented at the 15 Years exhibition (2018.7.3 - 8.10 / Venue: ARTCOURT Gallery).

◆About the monograph:
At the height of his career in 2005, Jun Nishida passed away at the age of 27.
After being fired in the kiln over three days and three nights at temperatures reaching 1300 degree, the energy of the melted matter is released at once, opening up unknown territory through a life-or-death struggle with nature.

What did the word, “zetsu” (絶), mean to Nishida, who once stated, “As a human, I wish to create a separate entity by entering where creation has emerged in accordance with natural providence,” and said “My work is a part of me”?
Zetsuen (絶縁, isolation), zettai (絶対, absolute), zettai zetsumei (絶体絶命), a desperate situation), and rei (零, zero). This monograph dynamically presents Jun Nishida, a ceramicist who had explored uncharted territory.
What is ceramics? What is art? And what is zetsu? These questions live on still.

◆ Jun Nishida:
Born in Osaka in 1977. Studied Ceramics at Kyoto Seika University. He passed away at age 27 while working on an in depth cultural exchange in Indonesia, supporting the indigenous technique of potting on a sloping wheel; often called a revolutionary of the ceramics field for his outlook on religion, art, and life from a global perspective, he was exhibiting work both domestically and internationally.

Jun Nishida received major awards domestically and internationally such as “The 38th Asahi Ceramic Exhibition” Incentive Prize (2000), “The 1st World Ceramic Biennale 2001 Korea, International Competition” Bronze Prize (2001), "6th International Ceramics Competition, Mino, Grand Prix Exhibition" Ceramic Arts Category Grand Prix (2002), "International Competition of Contemporary Ceramic Art in Faenza" Grand Prix (2003), and passed away in 2005 at age 27.
His major series of works, Zetsu, carved an intense impression into the memories of people worldwide.

Jun Nishida Art Works ZETSU

Jun Nishida Art Works ZETSU

¥3,800 (+tax)
Languages: Japanese and English
270 x 210 mm | 72 pages | DVD included (directed by Daisuke Suzuki, 22 minutes)
ISBN: 978-4-86152-066-2 C0072

Author: Jun Nishida
Second edition: June 2018 (First edition: April 2006)
Project conception: Jun Nishida ZETSU, publication committee
Text: Kazuko Todate, Chitaru Kawasaki
Art direction & Photography: Seiji Toyonaga
Edit & Design: Daisuke Suzuki
English translation: JEX Limited
Cooperated by Kyoto Seika University, ARTCOURT Gallery
Published by Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc.

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