Oshakasama no Tanagokoro: Aiko Miyanaga, Kazuki Hitoosa, Shioyasu Tomoko

2008.5.7 [wed] – 5.24 [sat]

In the Buddhist culture, when a person is easily manipulated, it is often said that the person is unconsciously, "skillfully handled or made to dance in the palms of Buddha". In Japanese, this is called Oshakasama no Tanagokoro. However this exhibition regards Oshakasama no Tanagokoro as a kind of gracious and precious " blessing " which protects and encourages us.
The exhibition's aim is to find a new and universal value of this concept through contemporary art.
More than two years ago this concept of Oshakasama no Tanagokoro was entrusted to these three artists: Miyanaga, Hitoosa and Shioyasu. Each fostering and deepening it over the years and finally, as results of their speculations and explorations, their different expressions are unveiled at this exhibition. Through repeated trial and error, wandering from the real world to their own world attempting to surpass their limitations, ' In the palms of Buddha' (Oshakasama no Tanagokoro) could mean to them the real world and at the same time, their own hands. Sometimes transforming and sublimating into their own expression, the ever changing world, society, environment and the inner truth , they create a world from their "reality".
Are we able to see in our journey traveling in the world created by their " reality " the process that leads to its creation? The huge world of " that man " which spreads to the end of the earth, can be seen, as we are held in his palms like being held in the cradle of life.


Aiko Miyanaga, Kazuki Hitoosa, Tomoko Shioyasu