Hitoshi Nomura: Gravitational Shape and Flavor

2008.9.24 [wed]–10.18 [sat] 11:00-19:00 (Saturdays 11:00-17:00 ) Closed on Sundays, Mondays and national holidays.

The process of sincerely regarding, documenting and then reconstructing, on the basis of an original methodology, as the workings of all existence, and the universe that is the source of boundless space-time, as always within an indivisible relation with himself has been the constant, earnest occupation of Hitoshi Nomura for the past forty years. Throughout this vast work, photographs have always been Nomura’s eyes and ears and limbs, in a sense, the second body that supports these acts of expression.
This year’s exhibition is an experiment to reconsider and reorganize these many years of activity from a completely new perspective, focusing on the medium of photography that has been a constant, central means of expression for Nomura, and via a dynamic composition, to present these photographic works along with new sculptural works.
The sun, meteorites and the body, as the three central elements forming the main compositional theme of this exhibition, bring to mind the fundamental concord arising between all existing things that is gravity (attraction). And at the same time, the shaped things and shapeless things that appear through the interaction of these elements attempt to awaken in the viewer a fine and sharp sensitivity in order to perceive the signs of their existence. This exhibition may also be regarded as a prelude to new developments appearing in Hitoshi Nomura’s art. We look forward to seeing you there.


Hitoshi Nomura