In Commemoration of the Publication of TO DYE, PERCHANCE TO DREAM FUKUMOTO SHIGEKI: COLLECTED WORKS 1983-2017

2017.12.14 [thu] - 12.23 [sat] 11:00am - 7:00pm (Saturdays: 11:00am - 5:00pm) Closed on Sundays, Mondays

Artcourt Gallery would like to announce an exhibition of works by Fukumoto Shigeki, an outstanding figure of Kyoto‘s world of dye art, to commemorate the publication of To Dye, Perchance to Dream, an exhaustive monograph covering the artist’s vast knowledge and skill that vividly presents the course of his 35 year career.

Fukumoto began his career as a dye artist in earnest in 1976, and exhibited in the “International Lausanne Biennale” (Switzerland) and the “International Triennale of Tapestry” (Poland) in the early 90s. Not limiting himself to the fields of dyeing and weaving, Fukumoto developed as an international artist in the genre of contemporary art and fiber art as well. On the other hand, he has been fervently proving and demonstrating how this art of dyeing is a rare form of culture in the world, unique to Japan, by promoting discussions and lectures on dyeing and craft art, and actively helping to advance the research of The Society for Ethno-Arts.

"The heart of dyeing" that melds with scenes from nature dwells in Fukumoto's works as he create contrasting compositions of color and tautly stretched by utilizing the white thinness of the cloth, making the work appear to vividly radiate brilliant light. While devising a wide variety of his own techniques using wax resist dyeing and cloth inlay as principle axes, Fukumoto has in recent years invented "naruhodo-dyeing," the technique of entrusting the laws and phenomena of nature, and a transition from "doing" to "becoming". This exhibition will present the groundbreaking "A Million Forms Burst into Bloom", a first attempt at an installation created using the monographs.

【About the works to be shown】
A Million Forms Burst into Bloom, a 100 book installation of the monographs; FÛJIN (Wind God), RAIJIN (Thunder God), a pair of double sided 2-panel folding screens; The Eight Great Elements: Lilac・Vermiollion, Bitter Orange・Mauve, Coral Red・Sunflower, Lapis Lazuli・Peony Purple; NORI WO KOEZU; and more.

【About the monograph & the cover artwork】
First edition October 11, 2017, published by TANKOSHA PUBLISHING.
10,000 JPY (plus tax), Size: 26.2 x 26 cm, 256 pages, ISBN 978-4-473-04193-7
◆ Fukumoto Shigeki, A Million Forms Burst into Bloom series, 2017, 16 x 16 cm
*Each copy of this book includes an original and uniquely different “Somé” (art of dyeing) and cloth inlay
art work by Fukumoto Shigeki.You may choose your preferred cover at the venue.

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