Satoshi Kawata “GINGA” at ART OSAKA 2017
【ROOM#6212 & Exhibition PLUS#6223】

2017. 7. 7 [Fri] – 7. 9 [Sun]

ARTCOURT Gallery presents a solo exhibition of works by Satoshi Kawata (b. 1987) at ART OSAKA 2017.

Satoshi Kawata completed the Master’s Course in painting at Kyoto City University of Arts in 2013. Interested in how the relationship between place, wall, and image influences society, he began his artistic career by focusing his efforts into creating semi-permanent wall paintings. Integrating the improvisational movements of his own body into traditional mural techniques, Kawata has presented works on the walls of various sites, such as a 30 m stretch of wall in the hallway of a public space, a public bath, a terrace, and a staircase landing, with temporary walling to create installations that engage the entirety of the space.

While drawing attention to the expressive processes and themes that develop in diverse ways depending on the rules, history and culture of an exhibition space, Kawata was awarded the Grand Prix at Rokko Meets Art 2016, with a work in which he lay fresco murals onto forest trees in
response to the natural scenery.

Using the guest room of a hotel as an exhibition space at ART OSAKA 2017, Kawata will fill an entire wall designed to display art with a fresco painting, and create a space in which to view the painting. His new mural work, GINGA, with hues of cobalt green and yellow ochre flickering as he rhythmically paints flowers in full bloom, as if dribbling back and forth across the wall, will still be exhibited after the art fair as well, viewable to the room’s guests. Kawata’s work will also be gathered at the Exhibition PLUS, with drawings he created through an improvisational chain reaction between the materials he uses in his process, and the countless images that spontaneously arise.

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  • 2017. 7.7 [Fri] 2:00 - 8:00pm
    Preview *Invitee and Press only
  • 2017. 7.8 [Sat] 11:00am - 8:00pm *Admission closes 1hour prior to the fair closing.
    Open to the Public
  • 2017. 7.9 [San] 11:00am - 7:00pm *Admission closes 1hour prior to the fair closing.
    Open to the Public

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