ACG eyes 7:
Records—Rui Sasaki, Seishu Niihira, Sunao Horikawa—

2022. 8.20 [sat] - 9.17 [sat] 11:00-18:00 (Saturdays -17:00) Closed on Sundays, Mondays and national holidays

ACG eyes is a series of exhibitions that introduces the works of young artists that have captured the attention of ARTCOURT Gallery. Rui Sasaki, Seishu Niihira, and Sunao Horikawa "record" the time and phenomena inherent in their motifs in coherence with their concepts and methods. They create their works daily, exploring the relationships between the diverse world and its people. This exhibition will focus on the theme of records. By focusing on the unique accumulation of "records" inherent to each work, we highlight how each artist develops a genealogy of knowledge by visualizing the motifs of their surroundings.

It will be the first time Rui Sasaki's work will be exhibited in Osaka. We will show a total of ten works, including the Subtle Intimacy series she created for this exhibition. Sasaki encases plants between sheets of glass and seals their cultivated earthly memories into her works using a high-temperature kiln. Sasaki has been producing this series for more than ten years. While overlaying her encounters and the passage of time with the presence of her windows and garden, she creates dreamlike spaces with the expression of the plants she suspends in her glass worlds.

We will exhibit Seishu Niihira’s Inversion2 series, which he created on the occasion of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. In this work, Niihira superimposes the Olympic rings onto images of a German discus thrower taken from a film recording of the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Using a machine that rapidly spins the canvas, he uses a stroboscope principle to illuminate the surface of his painting by flashlight. The work, at once a painting and an experience, imparts an overflowing sense of immediacy to the viewer's perception.

ARTCOURT Gallery will exhibit about 20 new works by Sunao Horikawa. Her works feature the motif of bananas that she has observed for the past 15 years, reflecting on the question, "What does it mean to understand?" As observations are based on information expressed in words and pictures, they intermingle between various peoples and generations; Horikawa depicts the shape of bananas derived from this human interpretation. Infinite possibilities fill the intricate accumulations of her line drawings, which open new circuits of creation.

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Rui Sasaki

Seishu Niihira

Sunao Horikawa