Shihoko Fukumoto: Japan Blue 2021

2021.9.25 [sat] - 10.30 [sat] 11:00-18:00 (Saturdays -17:00, Closed on Sun, Mon)Artist will be present on 10/16 (Sat), 23 (Sat), 30 (Sat)

ARTCOURT Gallery is proud to announce Fukumoto Shihoko’s first exhibition in 6 years.
This exhibition marks a new development in Fukumoto’s work with traditional Japanese fabrics. She has endeavored to “pass down this heritage to the next generation” throughout her career.

As a leading figure in the world of contemporary indigo dying, Fukumoto has garnered enduring acclaim through her achievements. Over the course of 40 years of experience in the production of dye artworks, she has encountered many precious fabrics, fabrics that are deeply woven into the cultural legacy of Japanese textiles. These fabrics were used to make work clothes in old fishing or farming villages or to make the garb of the samurai class in the Edo period. Fukumoto has continued to use these “old fabrics” as material for her artworks for over 20 years. When the materials are met with a deep sense of appreciation and respect, they are born again into brilliant works of art by virtue of Fukumoto’s unique sensibility. We hope that you can experience the cultural legacy of these fabrics through a modern lens and that the passion of the artist and the value of these materials will transcend generations.

The traditional fabrics that Fukumoto uses are very rare. Their production has all but vanished in modern times because of the required labor and high level of technical skill. It is too demanding to completely recreate the original quality. Not only that but the necessary raw materials are also difficult to find. Most of the fabrics in this exhibition are old fabrics.

Fabrics used in this exhibition:
Ramie, Hemp, Linen, Tsushima-hemp, Echigo ramie, Wisteria Fabric, Shina-fu (Linden cloth), Okusozakkuri, others.


Shihoko Fukumoto