“As the correspondence with clay is at the very beginning of my ceramic creation, my sensors for perceiving the world around me seem to have been formed as a result of my correspondence with all manner of marvels. ”
(Yo Akiyama, Series of "Correspondence", 2013)

This collection draws primarily from the two exhibitions held at ARTCOURT Gallery in 2009 and 2013-14 and some early masterpieces to provide a multilayered view of the work of Yo Akiyama. Ten short essays, written for this volume by the artist himself, serve as valuable statements touching on the origins of his creative production. In addition, Akira Tatehata (President, Kyoto City University of Arts / Director, The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama) and Chieko Kitaide (Curator, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa) contributed perspectives on Akiyama.


Yo Akiyama
First edition: September 5, 2014
Planned by ARTCOURT Gallery
Edited by Mitsue Yagi and Miwa Ohba (ARTCOURT Gallery)
Essays by Yo Akiyama, Akira Tatehata and Chieko Kitade
English translation by Seth Yarden
Designed by Seiji Toyonaga

Price: 2,500 JPY (+tax)
Language: Japanese and English
Hardcover | 264×188 mm | 92 pages
ISBN 978-4-86541-023-5
Published by ARTCOURT Gallery
Distributed by AKAAKA Art Publishing, Inc.

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