heART 〜Shun Wa Kei Mei〜 Yasuyoshi Botan, Chihiro Yoshioka

2017. 2.15 [wed] – 2.28 [tue]  Venue: 20th floor lobby of InterContinental Osaka

‘heART’ is a journey to the heart inspired by art that is created through collaboration between local artists andInterContinental Osaka.

InterContinental Osaka is pleased to feature two artists born in Kansai area, cosponsored by ARTCOURT Gallery which is a commercial gallery exhibiting contemporary art in Osaka.

This event showcases 13 paintings on the 20thfloor under the theme of ‘Shun Wa Kei Mei’, expressing a calmand bright spring day.

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  • 2017. 2. 15 – 28
    Exhibition Dates

Organized by

  • InterContinental Osaka and ARTCOURT Gallery


Yasuyoshi Botan
Chihiro Yoshioka