Kozo Nishino: Cumulonimbus, Stratosphere, and Beyond

2024. 5.25 [sat] - 7.27 [sat] | *7/25 [thu] -15:00 11:00-18:00 (Saturdays -17:00) Closed on Sundays, Mondays and national holidays

We are proud to present a solo exhibition of new works by Kozo Nishino (1951 - ) who continues to explore the expression of the space-time that manifests between the terrestrial and the cosmic through the graceful movement of his deftly manipulated titanium lines. Inspired by cumulonimbus clouds stretching out into the stratosphere, the large-scale kinetic sculptures dance gracefully upwards into the 7-meter ceilings of the exhibition space. In addition to the large-scale kinetic sculptures, this exhibition will showcase works that prominently feature titanium pipes elegantly patinaed by a burner; these spatial models encapsulate the distilled essence of cosmic light and darkness. Other captivating pieces explore the theme of terrestrial homecoming.


*Due to the traffic restrictions for the Tenjin Festival, the gallery will close at 3:00pm on July 25 [Thu.].


Kozo Nishino  


【 ART OSAKA 2024 Expanded Section 】

Kozo Nishino: Stratosphere

Nishino's large-scale sculptures converge in a space spanning 60 meters, equivalent to the size of the old drafting room where the full-scale drawings of the ship were composed, giving rise to the 'stratosphere.' The structural trusses utilized in this series of works harmonize with the architecture of the exhibition space, allowing the viewer to experience the expansivity of time-space; we hope this installation may enable viewers to experience a profound connection to the vast boundlessness of the universe.

Period:2024.7.18(Thu) 〜 7.22(Mon)
Open to the Public:7.18(Thu) 14:00―19:00
                                     7.19(Fri)〜7.21(Sun) 11:00―19:00
                                     7.22(Mon) 11:00―17:00
Venue:Creative Center OSAKA  (4-1-55 Kitakagaya Suminoe-ku Osaka 559-0011 JAPAN)

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