ACG Reflections 1: Lines – Yasue Kodama, Hitoshi Nakazato, Yutaka Hatta

First term: 2023.1.24 [tue] - 2.10 [fri] / Second term: 2.24 [fri] - 3.18 [sat] 11:00-18:00 (Saturdays -17:00) Closed on Sun, Mon, national holidays and the term between Feb. 11 and 23. *The works on display will be partially changed between the two terms.

Following our ACG Eyes exhibition series, which introduces up-and-coming artists, ACG reflections will focus on the fascinating expressions of artists with distinguished careers and reexamine their historical significance. With the hindsight gained from the years that have elapsed since these works were created and first exhibited, we can glean new generational insights through a contemporary lens. Through this reevaluation, we can unveil unexpected commonalities in which these works resonate with each other through different mediums and geographic locations. We endeavor to create a scope, relationality, and place to make such reflections possible in this exhibition and in those that will follow.
The first exhibition of ACG reflections will showcase the works of three prominent painters: Yasue Kodama (1961- ), Hitoshi Nakazato (1936-2010), and Yutaka Hatta (1930- ). Each artist brings their distinct perspective and style, with Kodama’s early career marked by her characteristic brushstrokes, evident in her natura morta series; Nakazato’s transition from lines to colored planes in the 1970s; and Hatta’s engraved works of the 1960s and his paper mulberry works in the 2000s. Each artist's disparate artistic philosophies and historical backgrounds are vividly projected onto these works, highlighting their unique pictorial expression. However, it is evident that the utilization of “lines” is a common element in their artistic lexicon. This exhibition offers an opportunity to delve into the profound implications of the seemingly simple act of drawing a line on a canvas and how the perception of lines shapes the compositional space for these three artists, all of whom brought a contemplative and dedicated approach to the medium of painting.


Yasue Kodama, Hitoshi Nakazato, Yutaka Hatta