ACG Window Gallery: Aeneas Wilder

2020.8.5[wed] - 9.5 [sat]11:00-19:00 (Sat 11:00-17:00) *Closed on Sundays, Mondays, national holidays and 8.13-8.21 *Please view this exhibition from outside of building in the gallery courtyard.

ARTCOURT Gallery is currently presenting video works and maquette-sized sculptures by Aeneas Wilder.

Wilder is an artist whose practice involves meticulously stacking thousands of wooden sticks, cut into uniform size and held in place only by the natural forces of balance, gravity, and friction.

His works of rhythmically stacked pieces of wood that create shapes such as spheres, bird cage-like or bell-shaped domes, and gently undulating towers, are captivating in their unique structural beauty that convey a quiet tension as well as a sense of warmth

Many of his installation works are built without using fixings or adhesives, requiring him to spend many hours and much mental energy into their production. At each of his three exhibitions held at our gallery (2005/2008/2018), Wilder constructed uniquely dramatic shows that not only made the best use of the works' dynamism that surpasses the space, but also the contrasting fragility of the structures, and while incorporating the natural power of coincidence.

In this Window Gallery, we are showing his maquette-sized, 1/10 scale sculptures that Wilder produces when making large-scale installation, along with video works of kinetic installations in which he makes the pieces of lumber dance as if alive; a time-lapse of a sphere structure being created by stacking wooden sticks; and footage from his production process to the instant collapse of the work after being kicked down as a performance from his DVD archiving the 2005 exhibition Empirical Association.

Aeneas Wilder gives new compositional potential to pieces wood (also often uses reclaimed lumber), and by turning a series of events––composition, independence, then reduction––into an experience, his work reveals some innate, cyclical phenomena. While enjoying a revisit to Wilder's worldview once more, we hope to take a look closely at our current world full of new norms and to go through the experience of restarting together.


  • ACG Window Gallery: Aeneas Wilder


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