ART1 2016: Stepping into Fresh Snow

2016.05.10 [tue] - 06.04 [sat]11:00-19:00 (Saturdays 11:00 -17:00) Closed on Sundays, Mondays.

Artcourt Gallery would like to announce a group exhibition featuring the work of seventeen artists:
“Stepping into Fresh Snow” – One has only to envision such a scene to get an uplifting feeling of freshness and excitement.
The artists created the pieces for this exhibition with a resolute spirit of challenge, much as if they were making clear, crisp footprints in fresh snow with their art.
The participants in this event are fine artists who are active in a broad range of endeavors. We would like to introduce a few of them:

Takayuki Okamoto
With “the capturing of new body-motif images” as his theme, Okamoto creates wearable suit-shaped works that use motor vibration and ultra-bright LEDs to give full-body experiences of the behavior of electromagnetic waves, vast amounts of which are constantly flying back and forth all around us, though we are not normally conscious of them in our everyday lives.
*Collaborative project: Tomohiko Mitani (Associate Professor, Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere, Kyoto University) Takashi Inoue (Inoue Bros.)

Takuro Nomura
Starting with the question “What is the state of sculpture in Japan”, Nomura focuses on the “non-sculpture” of “crafts” and “mitate” (the interpreting of naturally occurring shapes by likening them to other things), and in light of their continuity with “sculpture”, he investigates the possibilities of sculpture by engaging in a re-examination of the factors of these “non-sculptural” works’ tactility and ways of approaching space.

Takashi Yamamiya
Working with the theme of “making invisible things visible”, Yamamiya creates “mechanized calculators” that are made out of wood without any electronic parts. Their calculated results are not expressed in the manner of a computer, but in the fascinating forms of their mechanisms.

The attraction of this exhibition lies in the great expressive range of the participating artists. Please join us for this exciting event.

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  • *Talk and Reception are free of charge.


Ryosuke Imamura

Ichiro Okada

Takayuki Okamoto

Osamu Kokufu

Kohei Nawa

Takuro Nomura

Hitoshi Nomura

Akira Higashi

Tsuyoshi Hisakado

Yosuke Fujino

Koji Maekawa

Yoshihiko Maeda

Takao Machiba

Shinji Morino(kiryu-bu)

Yoshitaka Yazu

Takashi Yamamiya

Hitosugi Watanabe